Lisa Steinke

I help our clients channel their resources and competences, creating as much impact for their target groups as possible. I essentially deal with content and expert knowledge from different sectors of civil society.

Lisa Steinke - Analyst at Beyond Philanthropy

Lisa joined Beyond Philanthropy in late 2014 and now works with us as Analyst. With her research and analysis work, Lisa supports her colleagues in ongoing consulting projects. Most importantly, she provides the team with content knowledge on various focus areas. Lisa has worked on projects for corporate clients and foundations, covering various topics ranging from education, arts and culture to environmental protection. She has also supported projects within the field of organisational development, such as Value², a European cooperation that aims at serving the socio-economic bottom of the pyramid.

Before joining Beyond Philanthropy, Lisa worked at a Berlin-based research institute for school education. In addition, she supported a civil society project for underserved youth. Her commitment to socially disadvantaged students is something that continues to exist today.

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin. In the course of her studies, she early developed a passion for Turkey and the MENA region. The focus of her research papers primarily lay on the phenomenon of urban poverty and informalization in Middle Eastern cities.

Why did you choose to work for Beyond Philanthropy?

I believe our team has a DNA of empathy and strong moral and social motivation, something which is integral to our work for the client and society at end.

What is a random fact
about you?

I had a ten-year career as a trampoline gymnast, after which I worked as a judge in the German Federal League tournaments for trampoline sports.