Private Equity Foundation

Introducing Venture Philanthropy practices to the German non-profit sector.

In partnership with Beyond Philanthropy, the British Private Equity Foundation (now Impetus) expanded its grant-making activities to Germany. Beyond Philanthropy identified grantees which focus on the school-to-work transition for the Private Equity Foundation and established Venture Philanthropy funding practices in the sector.

As the collective funding scheme of the private equity industry in London, the Private Equity Foundation (PEF) helped young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to successfully manage the school-to-work transition. The Foundation selected the best-performing non-profit organisations according to the principles of venture philanthropy, and provided assistance in scaling them up.

The Foundation intended to reflect the international background of its trustees by expanding its philanthropic activities to Germany.

Beyond Philanthropy represented the Foundation in Germany and served as a one-stop shop for all questions and concerns regarding the German grantees in the PEF portfolio. Beyond Philanthropy provided project management, including ongoing screening of the German education sector to identify suitable grantee candidates, liaising with actors in the field, preparing application procedures, conducting due diligence, setting up grant-making structures and measuring programme progress and impact, among other responsibilities.

As a result of Beyond Philanthropy’s support, four German organisations received funding and capacity building from PEF, enabling them to grow and increase the number of their beneficiaries. This also represented the first time that Venture Philanthropy has been applied and successfully proven among German grantees. The collaboration between PEF and Beyond Philanthropy also led to further grant funding of EUR 2.8m.

Shaks Gosh, CEO, Private Equity Foundation London

"Over three years Beyond Philanthropy provided us with excellent project management services we could always rely on."