Leading European Holding Foundation

Preparing a European foundation to become a leading agent of social change.

Leading European Holding Foundation

Working with the foundation’s management, Beyond Philanthropy developed new strategies to position the client as a leading foundation in Europe.

The client is one of the largest private foundations in Europe, with an endowment various billion EUR.

Following the donor’s death and the subsequent organisational changes, the foundation required a new long-term strategy based on the founder’s will.

Beyond Philanthropy assisted the foundation from the outset to translate its founder’s will into a coherent and impact-driven strategy. The strategy design included in-depth research and analysis of societal needs across four sectors (education, sports, health and culture), with a focus on children, youth and the elderly.  The assignment concluded with comprehensive strategy recommendations.                                                                                                                                                                         

The insights obtained and the recommendations derived from them laid the groundworks for the future positioning of the foundation as a leading agent of social change. Its primary method will be a wide-ranging strategic grant-making programme and subsequent operating projects in Europe.