Large Corporate Foundation

Strengthening financial inclusion in emerging European countries.

Large Corporate Foundation

With the support of Beyond Philanthropy’s project management capabilities, the corporate foundation gained valuable insights into financial inclusion, enabling it to design effective strategies for grant-making.

The client is the corporate foundation of an international company, with over USD 70bn in revenues and more than 50,000 employees. The foundation’s spends over USD 200m over 5 years to social causes.

In line with its mission, the foundation decided to refocus its grant-making. As a globally active organisation, the foundation was keen to expand its activities internationally. Understanding the individual challenges and opportunities faced by emerging European countries was therefore of particular interest in arriving at a suitable grant-making strategy.

In order to address these issues systematically and efficiently, the client decided to collaborate with Beyond Philanthropy. In its capacity as a full-service, one-stop advisory firm, Beyond Philanthropy managed the subsequent multi-country research and analysis and project management assignment.

As a result, the client gained valuable qualitative and quantitative insights into the topics at hand and identified social investment opportunities. These insights, combined with knowledge of and access to relevant actors in emerging countries, paved the way for the corporate foundation to design targeted and effective grant-making approaches going forward.