Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy

Taking philanthropy to the next level.

We developed and implemented a philanthropy strategy on behalf of a private client, focusing on fields in which private funding is not widespread

Ingvild Goetz is a leading German art collector with a long-term philanthropic track record focusing on eating disorders and asylum seekers.

After selling parts of her art collection to increase her philanthropy, the client decided to begin by analysing the topics she wanted to fund and then develop approaches based on the results of that research.

Beyond Philanthropy provides a full range of services to the client. In addition to research we have developed, and are currently implementing, a philanthropy programme on her behalf. This includes carrying out due diligence, setting up funding frameworks and reporting guidelines and working closely with the grantees. We have facilitated multiple partnerships with key stakeholders and the constant strategic advancement of the projects and organisations that the client supports.

Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy has a clear focus in her funding of health and refugee initiatives. Today, addressing gaps in public funding systems and finding ways to leverage her own resources are at the center of her activities.

Ingvild Goetz

"As a private donor it is important to me to deploy my means with a strategic focus. Beyond Philanthropy has supported this process at all levels, from analysing funding gaps to actually supervising the projects I support. I very much appreciate our open and reliable cooperation."