Generali Future Fund

Paving the way for a corporate fund to become a leading player in demographic change.

Beyond Philanthropy has supported Generali Zukunftsfonds with strategic advice and analytical skills since its inception, enabling the fund to evolve into an important player in demographic change.

The Generali Zukunftsfonds is a corporate foundation fund of Generali Deutschland AG, one of the largest insurance providers in Germany and Europe with revenues of approx. 18bn EUR. The fund supports a broad range of innovative projects, mainly focused on demographic change, aging and civic engagement.

After many years of providing funding for community work and programmes supporting the needs of elderly people, the corporate fund wanted to organise its various activities into one coherent strategic framework. 

Together with the fund, Beyond Philanthropy developed a transformation strategy and helped to define a clear vision for the fund’s social engagement. Further, Beyond Philanthropy assisted in streamlining the fund’s grant-making process and conducted a grantee perception review to evaluate the collaboration between the fund and its non-profit partners. The fund also introduced reporting and monitoring tools designed by Beyond Philanthropy to allow rigorous impact analysis and measurement.

With the help of Beyond Philanthropy, Generali Zukunftsfonds has evolved into one of the leading authorities on demographic change and aging in Europe.

Uwe Amrhein und Loring Sittler, Managing Directors, Generali Future Fund, Generali Deutschland Holding AG

“From the very beginning, Beyond Philanthropy provided crucial support whenever we needed guidance in our strategy development process. We benefitted greatly from Beyond Philanthropy’s expertise in the areas of reporting systems, requests for proposals, stakeholder consultation and project management. Thanks to the network that has become accessible to us through Beyond Philanthropy, we have been able to foster new partnerships and are now much better positioned to evaluate our philanthropic activities.“