European Foundation

Identifying innovative financing mechanism to support the fight against energy poverty in Europe.

Large European Foundation (anonymous)

The client commissioned a research and analysis assignment from Beyond Philanthropy to identify innovative financing solutions to address energy poverty.

The client, a foundation with annual grant-making exceeding EUR 30m and a total staff of about 80 people, is active on a local, regional, national and international level. As a primarily grant-making foundation, the client invests in promising projects and individuals in the area of poverty, health, cultural heritage, development and philanthropy.

Even while the issue of adequate housing is receiving increasing amounts of attention, energy poverty is still an issue in Europe. The foundation client aims to address these challenges by identifying large-scale, sustainable solutions.

The client therefore commissioned Beyond Philanthropy to map and analyse innovative financing approaches to energy poverty across Europe. Beyond Philanthropy undertook a comprehensive analysis of the sector based on literature review and expert interviews with social entrepreneurs, public innovators, corporates and researchers. The results of the research were distilled into a list of six innovative financing solutions with the potential to be replicated.

Based on Beyond Philanthropy’s report, the client was able to provide social entrepreneurs with new ideas on how to tackle energy poverty. Thanks to the collaboration with Beyond Philanthropy, the foundation was furthermore better positioned to think about its future activities in the area of energy poverty.