Deutsche Bahn Stiftung

Streamlining a non-profit organisation to maximize its charitable impact.

Beyond Philanthropy assisted Deutsche Bahn Stiftung gGmbH in maximizing its charitable impact by changing governance structures and streamlining its strategic focus.

Deutsche Bahn Stiftung gGmbH is the non-profit organisation of Deutsche Bahn AG, the German railway company. As a leading global provider of mobility and logistics services and one of the largest employers in Europe, Deutsche Bahn AG feels a particular responsibility to society as a whole. In 2013 it therefore founded Deutsche Bahn Stiftung gGmbH to focus its non-profit activities and develop those further.

Deutsche Bahn Stiftung’s mission is to help create a society in which people assume responsibility for themselves and for others. Deutsche Bahn Stiftung provides support for people in emergency situations. It also provides support for those with difficulties participating in society because of their origins or circumstances by promoting a society with equal opportunities for all.

In order to maximize the impact of its cooperations, funding of projects and other charitable activities, Deutsche Bahn Stiftung approached Beyond Philanthropy for advice to further professionalize its operations and sharpen its strategic focus. 

Beyond Philanthropy analysed the governance structures and suggested procedural changes to implement more efficient work structures. In addition, Beyond Philanthropy screened Deutsche Bahn Stiftung’s project portfolio, identified synergy effects and helped to develop a focused portfolio framework.  As a result, Deutsche Bahn Stiftung is now able to concentrate its resources strategically in order to multiply and amplify the positive effects of its charitable activities. Instead of supporting a wide range of various charitable initiatives, Deutsche Bahn Stiftung is now in a position to focus on select projects which are aligned with its core vision and mission.

Tobias Geiger, Managing Director, Deutsche Bahn Stiftung gGmbH

"Based on their profound expertise in the non-profit-sector Beyond Philanthropy excels in identifying a client’s specific needs and requirements through careful individual analysis and developing customized solutions to address them. Their attention to detail while keeping an eye on the big picture has helped us to further focus our strategy and improve our processes to increase our impact."