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Reading Recommendations for January

Behavioural Insights in 2018 by Ideas42

Using behavioural science for societal good is ideas42’s mission. In this blog article, the non-profit design and consulting firm summarises five learnings from project work in 2018. For example, people tend to donate more when they define  goals. Ideas42 incorporated goal-setting into a workplace giving platform that encourages employees to set a specific giving goal. Towards the end of the year, cumulated giving increased by USD 150.000.

Ten Predictions for 2019 

The British innovation foundation Nesta presents ten ideas that may transform our lives in 2019. For example, Teo Firpo and Laurie Smith suppose that funding may become more effective by introducing partially-randomised approaches. Georgia Ward Dyer predicts that the five-day, nine-to-five rhythm we consider normal will change. The ‘new normal’ four-day week will offer the opportunity to develop creative skills or volunteer.

How Investors Drive Social Impact

Capital providers combine their social impact objectives, financial returns expectations and risk affinity in different ways. This recent report by European Venture Philanthropic Association (EVPA) identifies two investing strategies: investing for impact and investing with impact. While investors for impact prefer social impact over financial returns, investors with impact consider social impact a secondary objective.

Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Social Engagement

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) publishes a report about the integration of diversity and inclusion into Corporate Social Engagement (CSE). CECP identifies six key trends and includes case studies to each trend. One of the biggest challenge for corporations is to develop a strategic and integrated approach to diversity and inclusion. For example, this may be achieved by enabling innovative forms of employee engagement.