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This spring and summer we will take on a diverse array of digitalisation topics. We will start our reporting at German Foundation Congress, which this year is dedicated to foundations and digitisation. We will hold a workshop on 17 May 2018 on "Digitisation and Foundation Strategy - How well prepared is your foundation?”

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Impact Investing

Until now, primarily only large foundations engage in impact investing, while the majority of small and medium size foundations remain hesitant. However, these foundations are very well equipped to practice impact investing and could effectively align their investment funds with their social mission by taking certain steps. How does this work? Read more in this article.

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Ideas from Canada

Our managing director, Michael Alberg-Seberich, spent six months in Canada last year as a Mercator Fellow and CKX Philanthropy Fellow. Over the next few weeks, we will showcase some of the innovative trends and projects he discovered on Twitter and LinkedIn, in our Notes and Podcast from the field, and blog. Here's a sneak peek.

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Product Graphic

Check out our Service Wheel to see where we can help support your work.

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New: Podcasts

At the beginning of the year, we introduced  "Podcast from the Field"--a complement to our "Notes from the Field" newsletter.  The first podcast features Achieve's Derrick Feldman discusses whether society is prepared for millennials’ expectations of companies’ commitment to social challenges.


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Research assignment: Fellowship Program

Fellowships offer foundations the opportunity to bring valuable knowledge and international perspectives into the German foundation sector. The results of our research for a German corporate foundation show how extensive the range of fellowships offered by German foundations are and what factors need to be taken into account when designing a successful fellowship program.

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Value² study published in English

Beyond Philanthropy and Social Impact, supported by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, have released a study that hopes to inspire companies to adopt the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) concept in Germany. Developed in 2002 by C. K. Prahalad, the BOP concept is a business model for companies that specifically targets the low-income population. People from the Base of the Pyramid can for example serve as customers, suppliers, or intermediaries and, by doing so, strengthen their material and social standing. The concept was originally implemented in developing countries. The study is now also available in English.

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Mehrwert²  - Studie

Generali introduces its new global CSR initiative

In June 2017 Generali presented its new global CSR initiative "The Human Safety Net" (THSN) in Berlin. Together with goetzpartners, we have supported Generali in the development and implementation of the initiative.

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