Active Philanthropy and Beyond Philanthropy to go their separate ways as their business areas become increasingly specialised

Berlin, December 2018.

The sister organisations Active Philanthropy gGmbH and Beyond Philanthropy GmbH are reorganising and separating their business areas, which have become increasingly specialised over the years. The two organisations will go their own ways in the future.

Following the reorganisation and formal separation, Dr. Felicitas von Peter will lead the non-profit Active Philanthropy while Michael Alberg-Seberich will head Beyond Philanthropy. Beyond Philanthropy will be continued under a new name and with a modified focus.

Over the past 11 years, Felicitas von Peter and Michael Alberg-Seberich have worked closely together and established Active Philanthropy and Beyond Philanthropy as co-managing directors. They have helped individuals and families, companies and foundations to maximise the impact of their social activities, each specialising in particular thematic areas.

 In addition to advising foundations and companies on CSR, Michael Alberg-Seberich and his team will expand their involvement in the education sector. Felicitas von Peter will strengthen Active Philanthropy's commitment to sustainability by expanding its range of expeditions and opening them up for new target groups. In addition, Active Philanthropy will continue to support private clients in the development and implementation of their philanthropic activities. 

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