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Our Workshop on Corporate Social Innovation at the EVPA Conference in Warsaw, 29. - 30.11.2018

If we want to reach the Sustainable Development Goals we need more social innovation at scale and corporates should and can play an important part in driving this type of innovation. At the EVPA Conference in Warsaw, we demonstrated, together with Erik Childerhouse from Avanti Communications (UK), Manuela Pastore from Böhringer Ingelheim (Germany) and Wim Verbesselt from Colruyt (Belgium) how companies do exactly that by utilizing their core business expertise to develop services tailored to the needs of marginalized people in close partnership with NGOs.

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Active Philanthropy and Beyond Philanthropy to go their separate ways as their business areas become increasingly specialised

Berlin, December 2018.

The sister organisations Active Philanthropy gGmbH and Beyond Philanthropy GmbH are reorganising and separating their business areas, which have become increasingly specialised over the years. The two organisations will go their own ways in the future.

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Corporate Volunteering: Our Focus

Companies offer their employees the opportunity to volunteer at philanthropic organisations during paid work hours. "Corporate Volunteering" is a practice widespread in the United States. More and more German companies start to introduce this concept as well. Until the end of this year, we'll take a closer look at this emerging trend. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Research: Payroll Giving

In the case of payroll giving, the cent amount of employees' salaries is rounded down each month in order to make it available for social initiatives. Be it for non-profit organizations or for employees in need, the collected donations can be used well in any case. Our research on this topic has shown that payroll giving is a good way to involve employees in the social activities of their employers. For this to turn out successfully, however, important factors must be considered in advance.

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