We help companies and foundations
to make social change.

We support our clients with tailor-made consulting spanning research and analysis, strategy design & development and implementation services to make social change happen. With our multidisciplinary team and expert network, to date Beyond Philanthropy has successfully cooperated with more than 100 clients on projects in over 30 countries.

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POLYPROBLEM: Plastics and the Environment

Plastics: No common agenda on the horizon.
New study published by Röchling Foundation and Beyond Philanthropy .

Despite enormous public attention to the increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, a global agenda to solve the problem is not in sight. This is the critical finding of a policy paper we published jointly with the Röchling Foundation.

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Corporate Volunteering of Germany's DAX30 companies

Beyond Philanthropy and the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Mannheim have released a new study (“Die richtige Aufstellung für Corporate Volunteering – Einsichten aus den DAX30”) that gives inspirations for companies to implement a well-functioning corporate volunteering programme. The study therefore takes a look at Germany's DAX30 companies and the volunteering of their employees. Further, we also spoke to nonprofit organisations and surveyed more than 1.200 employees in order to represent all that are involved in corporate volunteering activities.

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Podcast from the Field

We have recently introduced our Podcasts from the Field. Listen to our findings on topics such as Digitization, Social Innovation, or the Challenges for Philanthropy and Civil Society among others.

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More than the Sum of its Parts: Insights on the Future of European Philanthropy andSocial Investment Infrastructure

New Study, March 2019

 Despite its high relevance the European Philanthropy and Social Investment Infrastructure (EPSII) is not a topic that is often in the headlines. But as we often take infrastructure like roads or electricity for granted (but wouldn’t want to miss it), the importance of infrastructure that helps to build an enabling environment, provide space for collaborations and offers services to professionalise the philanthropy and social investment sector should not be underestimated.

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+++ ANNOUNCEMENT +++ On April 1, 2019 Beyond Philanthropy will become WIDER SENSE

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Beyond Philanthropy wants to ensure its clients make informed decisions about...

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Building on our research and analysis, we work with our clients to design and...

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Beyond Philanthropy offers a full range of implementation services to ensure...

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About Us


Knowledge of various sectors, groups and trends in CSR, philanthropy and
social investment.


Professional advisors with diverse backgrounds and over 40 years cumulative senior experience.


Global network of strategic partners, philanthropists, social investors,
foundations and NGOs


Partners and consultants throughout
Europe serving international clients in
over 30 countries .

Impact Driven

A portfolio of over 80 projects, with a
direct impact on approx. 100 million EUR  of social change funds .

Our Core Team

Michael Alberg-Seberich

At Beyond Philanthropy, we help our clients through strategic research and advice. We guide them...

Fabian Suwanprateep

It is my goal to elevate my clients’ approach to philanthropic giving and social investing, so...

Lea Buck

I am implementing solutions on behalf of our clients. Often it requires many small steps to acheive...

Julia Röhrich

I accompany my clients on their optimal journey to doing good. Sometimes all it takes is a little...

Anna Wolf

I help our clients discover where their giving does most good. Writing a cheque is easy, but...

Anne-Sophie Oehrlein

I support the consulting work at Beyond Philanthropy, where we pair social initiatives with the...

Julia Oestreich

My goal is to equip our clients with suitable impact and finance tools in order to create solutions...

Kerstin Ischen

My motto is "Do good and talk about it". I support my colleagues in internal and external...

Eva Schneider

I support my colleagues with detailed sector and topic analyses.

Nadine Bubner

After working the last 5 years for myself and getting more involved in charitable projects I wanted...

Carmen Pägelow

I like to push my colleagues to keep things tidy.

Strategic Partnership

Armin Raffalski

Armin has 18 years’ experience in consulting. After completing his degree in Business...

Alexander Gründler

Additional to the project work Alexander volunteers for the goetzpartners’ CSR initiative...


Since 2011, Beyond Philanthropy and goetzpartners have formed a strategic partnership to pool knowledge and expertise allowing for integrated strategic advisory services.

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Selected Clients

Beyond Philanthropy is a certified B Corporation

Beyond Philanthropy is now a certified B Corporation

Since mid-last year, Beyond Philanthropy has been in touch with B Labs, the American non-profit organisation which developed the B Corporation certification. B Labs certifies corporations and organisations that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Among other considerations, B Corps pay particular attention to the creation of benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders, the use of renewable energy, and accessibility of the B Corps Impact Report online. By now, there are almost 1,300 B Corps in over 40 countries and 120 different industries, which are all striving not to be the best in but for the world.

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